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Hey you,

You asked for my bio.

Very kind of you.

This is only my Christian bio… but there is more to it and to my life in general.

Sorry if it is a tad longer than expected, so, do take your time for this one.


My name is Philippe Paquette and I live in Canada.

Half of my life, I lived in the Province of Québec and half in the Province of Ontario.

I own 6 residences, one in Ottawa and the others in Québec.

My wife and I own one Beach house plus 4 cottages that we rent when not used by my family or ourselves.

These are about 1 hr. north of Ottawa.

We mostly live in our residence in Québec because it is a beautiful new house that I had built to my specifications in 2011 and it is situated on a beautiful sandy private beach in front of a very pristine 16 km (10 miles) Lake (Gagnon Lake). Pristine – it was evaluated again this year as being among out of the 400 large Lakes in the Province, the purest clean large Lake of them all.

You can view them here:

My wife and I are both retired (4 grandchildren thus far). But the more important reason why we prefer living at the Lake is that it allows us to concentrate on the Christian work that we do. (See below). In the city (Ottawa, Ontario), life is hectic and does not give us the peace of mind and quietness that we get here (at the beach).


I came to the Lord simply by reading the New Testament when I was 22 years old. I was not “seeking” Christ, I was simply trying to prove a point to my brother and help my mother. Trying to prove that my brother James was wrong in saying to my widowed mother was not allowed to re-marry per the teachings of Jesus. I instinctively did not believe that so I decided to read the NT to prove him wrong. I am ashamed to admit today that I stole a small New Testament from the Bible House in Ottawa. I was a student and broke and frankly, why would I pay for something that I did not believe in. All I wanted to do is prove a point. (Sorry Lord).

Well, it did not take time for me to be completely transformed by reading the words of the Lord. I was still in the first book (Matthew) when I was profoundly touched by Christ. To be frank with you, it was difficult, very difficult. I had an inner battle that I would consider “violent” at the very least and that lasted for weeks on end. I did not want HIM… too demanding… I loved my life the way it was, why change anything.

Often, I would literally throw my little blue New Testament with all my might on the walls and simply weep like a baby. That “fight” lasted for a long time… but every time I would get back in my bedroom (I was living in a Commune at the time and was a student at College), I would get back to my room and there it was, on the floor, waiting for me. That horrible little book of power. It was beyond me. It was stronger than I, I had to pick it up and read more lines, more verses and felt completely overwhelmed by the Love of the One I wanted to reject… and the battle continued, throw that damn book away again… and fall asleep crying.

But by the time I got to John, the following words simply put a rather violent “stop” to my battle… on a dime. I was “taken prisoner” by Christ instantly. The words were: “I am the way, the truth and the Life”… Now that was too powerful. I said to myself: “This Guy is either a lunatic or He is actually who He says what He is”… and deep inside, I know that someone with such a message cannot a crazy man, so I only had one logical conclusion left. So, I knelt beside my bed, crying (again) and told Him: “Take me. I want to serve you until my very last breath”. Remember, I was 22 years old at the time. I am now 66 years old and I have never regretted one single second of becoming a Christian. To the contrary, my life has been full of blessings since that day. Some days were very difficult, but I had a wonderful friend found in my soul.

I left college (2 months before graduation) because I felt a calling of distributing tracts on the street and preaching). I had to give my entire life to HIM. This, of course, may have been a mistake. I remain uncertain. But my zeal exceeded my lack of wisdom at the time.
My family by now rejected me because I told them that I was now a Christian and no longer a Catholic. (Today, I realize that many Catholics a good Christians but then, I was influenced by what I call today “legalistic Christians”). So, my mother asked me to get out. “I was no longer her son” but I did tell her that she could remarry per the New Testament. So, I left penniless…

Where will I sleep?


A good thing was that this was now summer so park benches were just fine for me. The problem was food. So, I ended up at the Mission for Men in Ottawa but never realized that they only offered a bed in a room of 50 stinking other men with dogs running around all night so ask me if I slept that night… that was a horrid first night.
The following day, tired, hungry, broken, I simply walked and walked and walked the streets in Ottawa during the entire day until sunset. But something happened that was about to change my life.

In High school, I was very attracted to the most beautiful girl in the entire school. All the guys were trying to hook up with her… but she liked me. Well, since our path had been different, I had not seen her for years… until that day. As I was walking with tears in my eyes and an empty stomach, I looked up and right before me, there she was.
She took me in, gave me a bed and food. So, we lived together and she became my girlfriend at that time and she became a Christian through our evening readings. We also decided to stop sharing the same bed until we would get married. (We have been married and together for close to 50 years so far and I am more in love with her today than ever).

We had our own meetings and I would invite some of my friends from College. One by one, they came. At one point, one of my past fellow students and friend shared my conversion to “Christ” to the entire Class of Philosophy and asked the Professor if he could invite me to class to explain my experience. The teacher thought it might be an interesting “philosophical experience” so agreed to give me the full 90 minutes of the class at College. I did (hesitantly, trembling factually), being so young in the faith and simply “scared deeply” but I prayed for guidance. In fact, I remember taking the bus and debarking many stops before the college to give me time to think and pray as I was walking towards the large building. I remember telling the Lord: “Lord, I can’t do this” … tears again but I think I heard in my heart, “Philippe, you don’t to do this, let me do It though you” and suddenly my courage returned.
Bible in hand, I addressed my fellow students for 1.5 hours. I could respond to each of the many questions they posed, surprisingly. Many of them became Believers in Christ during that class and almost the entire class joined our meetings. At one point, we were so many in our apartment with dogs running around as we shared the word… so many that I was afraid that the floor would collapse. You see, before the meetings, we would go on the streets and invite everyone, including vagabonds and all.

Well, as time went by, I hired an architect to draw plans for a building. The brothers and I started to build that church (physically). We had many excellent skill workers, all licensed and professionals. Then more (all in French and in Québec). Gifts ($) started rolling in… in the millions and we purchased a store in the heart of Ottawa and started our first Christian Bookstore in the Byward Market in Ottawa – a few feet from the Parliament Buildings (and that became a chain of Christian bookstores in Quebec). I founded a Charitable Organization called “The Christian Messenger”, took on the position of Director General, founded and published a French a Christian magazine called “L’Étoile du Matin” (The Morning Star), and in a short time, it was distributed in over 25 Francophone Countries around the world.

We were simply a non-denominational Christian Group. Hundreds were converted. I remember preaching in the cities around with other Christian brothers. We were all young men…but many of us would get up at 5 in the morning to Study the Bible before work for some and school for others… and then, something happened.
“Missionaries” (so-called) had heard of the work in Québec and they simply invaded us and “de-naturalized” the French Canadians in attempting to make us either Swiss or Dutch or something that we were not. That was devastating. They changed our culture into theirs… and that was a horrible blow to the whole movement. No more freedom of the Spirit and legalistic tendencies started pouring in. The Ministry lost its Christocentric influence and the movement became political and spiritual pride infiltrated the movement… and after numerous meetings with them, they refused to bow down and return to their Countries… so I left with my family. My choice was either creating Division or leaving.

So I left (others of the original leadership eventually all left also, all those considered the Leaders of our Movement). Not because of me. I have not attempted to influence any. But in a short time, they had realized the same as I had. If there is no freedom of the Holy Spirit, all you have left is a dead gathering of sad souls I did not leave in haste, I left after a decade or more of attempting to discuss, with grace, with the immigrant “Missionaries” who simply “took control”. By now, we were many hundreds in many cities in Québec, all new converts, of all ages, and many had advanced in a wonderful way into studying the Scriptures. Some had received, in a most beautiful and powerful obvious way, the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Some were eloquent Teachers, some sweet and loving Pastors, others powerful Evangelists and some edifying Prophets… but the end is sad.

I heard, after months of my leaving, that more than 95% of my fellow brothers and sisters had also left, one by one. The “Missionaries” were in charge… but have no one else to take care of. We still love these Christians but we regret their influence that was not from the Lord.


Today, I occasionally meet with some of those who left our non-denominational Christian Church. All the others (by the hundreds are either isolated Christians or have joined solid Churches like the Ottawa Metropolitan Church and other Denominations…) but our original movement is almost dead with all the Europeans and only a few Canadians left… and this is a very sad state that has not been easy for any.


I also support 4 young non-denominational Churches in persecuted places in the world.

One is in Pakistan. These live close to the extremist Islamist. Two years ago, ISIS entered in the neighboring village only 7 miles from the supported Church and ISIS killed (decapitated) Christian Fathers, Mothers, and all their children and destroyed 200 houses, killing all the Christians. The same group also entered another village, kidnaped all the Christian children between 4 years old to 14 years old, invited all the Arabs in the village to come at the local open arena and once all the bleachers were full, at the cheers of all the onlookers, decapitated all the children. There were many dozens of them. For them, it is a show resembling our Hockey game.

These Christians that I attempt to help are in a Pakistani Province where Islam is generally extreme and Christians can only have one job: “Cleaners”. The men, paid $3 per day, clean the streets, public washrooms and pick up the garbage. They are not allowed to work in any other capacity and the Governor of that area announced that no Arab can be a “Cleaner”, Only Christians. Christian mothers ($2 an hour) are “cleaners” in the houses of Arabs. They leave their village early in the morning, work all day in the Arab houses and when the Father arrives at night often rapes the Christian women and late at night, returns, walking back to her village. Christians are compelled to work 7 days a week. Everyone knows about the regular rapes but no one can do anything about it since the authorities do not recognize Christians as citizens, even if these are all born Pakistanis and all the families need their wives $2 pay. I attempted to help to get funds so that the woman can work in their own village making dresses and carpets. We needed $25,000 to set up the equipment (industrial sewing machines) – since they already have the building to do so. The men would go into the markets and sell their products. This would allow these Christians to keep their women protected with a secure environment and staying within the village but I thus far failed to find them the needed money for the equipment.

Three Churches in India (the poorest Province of India). I help – with my very limited means – a Pastor (evangelical, non-denominational). In that Province. Christians are not allowed to hold any jobs at all. They are extremely poor and no one can even buy shoes. Even the Pastor has no shoes, yet his 3 Churches are approximately 10 km from each other. One of the 3 churches only has leprous Christian. Did you know that $20 Canadian can feed a family of 4 for a month or provide the medication and bandages and food for Lepers for 5 months?


I recently opened a YouTube program called “How to know BIBLE PROPHECY”. I noticed that the clear majority of teachings on this topic are erroneous. Most have not grasped the basic Principals in understanding Bible Prophecy; a) any Biblical text must be understood within the context; b) no Biblical Prophecy can contradict another one; c) the only true Objective of Bible Prophecy is Christ himself an finally learn to distinguish things that differ.

My Channel is here and you are warmly invited to subscribe:

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Hope I did not bore you.

Love you all in HIM.

Philippe Paquette

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I have no clue and I don’t care.

Hey, wish me happy birthday on November 28th, 2017. I shall be 67 years old…  /:-)

(still attempting to be more than a Christian… a Disciple… we’ll see…).


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    • Notre vie est comme la navette du tisserant ” my days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle ” Job:7:6
      Missionaries are slow to learn that they are “cross-cultural messenger” Leadership patern should come from sound local believers.
      Sorrowfully, I mourn and concur with your findings. I also left…

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